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Say Hello To Your New Area Rug

With area rugs, you get the best of both worlds. You get a stylish focal point or a neutral base that ties a room together, and you also get extra protection for your hard-surface flooring underneath.

Artisitic Weavers area rug | Leaf Floor Covering

A wonderful statement of style

With more than 100,000 unique styles to choose from in our online rug store, the Leaf Floor Covering Rugs.Shop, you’re bound to find the perfect area rug for you, no matter your tastes!

Use our search tools to sort by color, pattern, style, size and more to help narrow down to the perfect fit. Light-colored rugs can help make a room feel larger and airier while darker rugs can foster a more cozy and intimate feeling. Decide whether you want your rug to be a bold and bright focal point or a more subdued background element in your space. Finally, consider the material from which your rug is made. Some rugs are more durable; others are more soft and delicate.

Why area rugs?

Easy to Move

Moving? Redecorating? Reorganizing? Simply roll up your area rug and store it somewhere safe. It's easy to move or transport your rug!


Neutral, colorful, patterned, frayed, contemporary, traditional, elegant, fun...the options are truly endless with area rugs!


There's an area rug for every budget, no matter how large or restricted. Browse a variety of materials and brands to find the perfect fit.

Easy Maintenance

Vacuum your area rug on a regular basis and be sure to follow proper stain removal guidelines. Doing so will prolong the beauty of your rug!


Just place your new area rug on the floor, unroll it, and enjoy it! Consider placing an area rug pad underneath it for extra security and comfort.

Not Permanent

If you want to change it up or want to redecorate your space, it's easy to simply store your area rug or relocate it without much of a hassle at all.

Surya area rug | Leaf Floor Covering

Need inspiration?

Take a look at our area rug inspiration gallery! See the latest trends before shopping for your very own rug.