Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Hardwood Care and Maintenance | Leaf Floor Covering

Daily care & maintenance

At Leaf Floor Covering, we know how important it is to follow a protective care and maintenance routine for your new hardwood flooring. Set out doormats throughout your home and remove all outdoor shoes before walking across your flooring. To protect your hardwood from dents or indentations that heavy furniture can leave over time, make sure to use floor protectors for optimal protection.

Plan to vacuum and dry mop your flooring regularly. Since hardwood is not waterproof, avoid using a wet mop.

Dealing with spills

Most common spills like liquids or pet accidents will wipe away clean, especially on hardwood flooring with stain- and scuff-resistant technology built directly into the finish. Wipe away liquid spills immediately, as hardwood flooring is not water-resistant.  For other common stains like wax residue or nail polish, consult with your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Hardwood spill | Leaf Floor Covering

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